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FST5 AC dyno test bench control system

FST5 digital control test system is the newest generation of measurement and control system designed for AC dynamometer test bench. The system is a real-time operation control system based on Lab View platform. Taking CRIO central real-time processing system of America National Instruments company as the carrier, equipped with high frequency data acquisition system, Lab View real-time control system, and optical fiber transmission system, the system achieve synchronization with the engine data acquisition and processing. The response time of whole test bench is less than 1ms.    

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  1. Main technical index

Speed measure accuracy is less than ±0.1%1 word;

Torque measure accuracy: better than ±0.05%FSR;

Torque measure sensitivity: better than ±0.1%FSR;

Constant speed control accuracy:better than ± 1r/min;

Constant torque control accuracy:better than ±0.2% FSR.

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